Each year, on the Saturday before Lent, the historic Schell’s Brewery in New Ulm, Minnesota holds a wonderful winter festival called Bockfest.

Nestled along the Cottonwood River, Bockfest is held right on the brewery grounds. Drinking a Schell’s Caramel Bock on the site of the second oldest family run brewery in the United States makes this place even more special. Enjoy the photos from a previous Bockfest.

Some fest participants bring their own custom beer cup holders!

I have no idea who these people were, but they included me in their group.

Part of our group enjoying the day.

Nice Hat

Gotta have a band!

I met this couple that drove all the way from Nebraska for this one day event. Cool!

What a beautiful sight that is!

Our crew from the 2009 fest enjoying the day!

Ever had a beer poked? Well, come to the fest and you will experience the poking!!

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