Brugges, Belgium


Many consider Belgium to be the “mecca” of great beer. Having visited this wonderful country and sampled their beer, I certainly can’t argue with that!

Located about an hour’s train ride from Brussels (the capital of Belgium and the European Union (EU)), Brugges is considered the Venice of the north, with its many canals.

A town like Brugges is the only reason one needs to visit Europe. If you have never experienced European travel, all I can say is go! If you get past the plane fare, the cost of visiting Europe is no more expensive than visiting any major city in the U.S.

Our first stop, ‘t Brugs Beertje, is considered by many to be the best beer bar in the world. The choices of beer are vast, and oh so tasty!

Marc and I outside the Beertje.

We met this couple at deGarre’s, another great beer bar. Like I said, beer creates friends!

Belgium is also famous for Pomme Frittes (french fries). Slathered in mayo, they were the best!

De Garre’s was our favorite beer bar in Brugges. The people, the presentation, and the snacks made us come back more than once.

Our bed and breakfast while in Brugges, the Absoluut Verhulst.

One of the canals in Brugges.

Serving beer in Belgium is an art form. Great presentation, always the correct glass, and a perfect pour makes drinking beer even more of an enjoyment. Below are examples of that presentation.  (Guidebooks and info we use when traveling in Europe)  (THE site for beer travel and info)


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On a  recent visit to the “Bear”, I met another beer nerd, Peter Sylvester from England. We both had our notebooks out writing down our experience. OK, I’ll say it again: “Beer Creates Friends”!