Cologne Germany


When people think of Cologne (Koln) Germany, two things usually come to mind: their great cathedral and their Christmas markets. When I think of Cologne Germany, I think of one thing: fresh from the barrel Kolsch beer! A pale, top-fermented beer, Kolsch is brewed exclusively in this City. Let’s explore Koln!  (The place to buy the “Good Beer Guide to Germany” -  a must have if you visit.)  (THE site for beer travel and info)


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The first photos of the site find us visiting the famous Fruh am Dom located right in the middle of town. This was our first stop to enjoy some Kolsch, and they didn’t disappoint. A few things to know about Kolsch beer and the places they serve them: All beer is served in small, .2 liter glasses; the beer comes fresh from the barrel (in most cases) and are gravity fed; the beers are served in trays by waiters called “Kobes” that drop a fresh beer whenever you need one; and the coasters are used to keep track of how many beers you have.

Can’t say enough about the Fruh. Great beer, great food and a great way to start off a trip to Cologne!

The Brauhaus Sion was another nice Kolsch stop. We just stood at the bar, and watched the kobe pour out beer after beer. This is listed as one of the 150 places to have a beer before you die. OK, check off that one!

The Gaffel Haus served beer from the tap, the only time we saw this. The beer was very good anyway. Remember I mentioned that they use the coasters to keep track of beers? As you can see, I’m on my fourth!

The photos below found us at another famous Cologne stop - Peters Brauhaus. Note the cool glass ceiling that was in the dining hall.

They even served Kolsch beer at the Christmas markets!

Here we had a nice Kolsch and Sandy enjoyed the drink of choice at the markets - a hot spiced wine called Gluhwein.

Off the beaten path a bit was the Paffgen Hausbrauerei. We sat right in the middle of all the action and enjoyed every minute of it!