Dusseldorf Germany


Dusseldorf? What’s in Dusseldorf? Located about 20 minutes from Cologne, Sandy wanted to visit it just ‘cause it has a cool name. Say it with me: Dussel-dorf! Anyway, we also knew it was one of the last great places to get fresh “Alt” beer. What is Alt beer you ask? According to the “Good Beer Guide to Germany”, Alt beer is literally “old beer” in reference to the method of brewing. Altbier is top-fermented and then cold-conditioned. Anyway you put it, it is a great brew. Let’s explore Dusseldorf and their famous “Alt Bier”.

www.camra.org.uk  (The place to buy the “Good Beer Guide to Germany” -  a must have if you visit.)

www.beeradvocate.com  (THE site for beer travel and info)


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Check another 150 of the list! The Uerige brewery is probably one of the most popular of places to enjoy Alt bier. And enjoy we did! Using old wooden kegs as tables, we enjoyed a late morning sitting and listening to the locals come in and give all their friends “the business”. Man, it is the same everywhere you go, isn’t it? Anyway, we had a great time and enjoyed their beer.

We had lunch at the Frankenheim and enjoyed their Alt bier. Food was a little more upscale than local pub fare and we enjoyed the business people stopping in for lunch while we enjoyed another Alt!

The Schumacher Altstadt pub was another great place to enjoy Dusseldorf’s famous Alt Bier. Here you can see the kobe’s making sure they got the last drop from the gravity fed keg. Cool! and.....Yum! 

One last shot of some famous Alt Bier. Can’t wait to come back!