Well, what can you say? Munich (Munchen to the locals) is one of the greatest places on earth to experience beer and beer culture at its very best.

From its festivals, to the beer halls, to the greatest biergartens anywhere, Munich is a mecca for the beer lover.

My wife Sandy and I have been there four times, and it never gets old. Armed with a good guidebook and a sense of adventure, follow us as we visit some great places - and also meet some great new friends. “Beer creates friends!”

Another “beer experience”!

On one of our trips to Munich, we ventured to Augustiner Keller, which offers a great biergarten (one of the best in the world), and also an impressive beer hall and bar.

The first picture to the left is of Sandy and I enjoying “Ein Mass” of beer from the beer hall, a room located in the basement of the building. As you can see in the background of the picture, this place must have stored beer in the early years as it is cave-like.

The second picture is another great beer experience. Marc Drews and I (Marc is Sandy’s cousin) started talking to these two gentlemen. Beer is a universal language and we became friends in no time - especially when the snuff came out! Snorting tobacco is very common in Germany and we enjoyed joining our new friends in their custom.

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Bruckenwirt, a biergarten on the Isar River, is a hidden jem, only found by using our trusted guide while in Munich - “The Beer Drinkers Guide to Munich”. This book maps out the top beer gardens in the city. The inset shows our beer and other delights found at nearly every beer garden you visit. Prost!


A good place to start your Munich beer adventure is the central market in Munich called the “Viktualienmarkt”. Many choices of food and beer abound, and on a nice day, locals and tourists alike enjoy this locale. Here we are mapping out our day. The subway system is ideal for finding the next beer garden!

When visiting a beer garden, a bar, or a restaurant, you might encounter this type of sign. “Stammtisch” means that this table is reserved for the locals. A tradition in many parts of Germany, respect the sign and don’t sit there. However, it has been my experience that once locals get to know you, they will invite you to join them at this special table!

Don’t be surprised that at one of your beer garden experiences music breaks out! This biergarten, called “Munchner Haupt” was off the beaten path, but is another great place to drink a brew.

On a recent trip to Munich, we really look the part, don’t we?

Another great place to enjoy a sunny afternoon, the “Franziskaner Garten”.

Great restaurants and beer halls abound that enhance your Munich beer experience - every heard of the Hofbrauhaus? Here I stand outside one of the best - Schneider Weisse, right in the heart of Munich. They invented the Hefeweisen, so they know what they are doing. Stop by and enjoy a nice meal and an awesome choice of beers!

I hope I have given you a good flavor of this great Bavarian city. Remember, beer creates friends - go find some new ones in Munich!

Click play to listen!!

The largest biergarten in the world, Hirschgarten can seat over 5,000! One of the unique features of this place is that you have to get your own glass, clean it and bring it for a fill. Watch the video below for an example of this age old tradition!

Another treat at any biergarten is watching the beer being dispensed in the large mugs - “ein Mass bitte!” Watch as we await another great beer!