Munich’s Fruhlingfest


In the spring of each year, Munich celebrates its spring festival called “Fruhlingfest” on the fabled Oktoberfest grounds.

Heck, lets just call it a mini-Oktoberfest ‘cause that is exactly what it is.

While we have never been to the fabled festival in September/October, I won’t lose sleep if I ever get to the granddad of all, since this fun time mirrors Oktoberfest is every way.

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A great beer garten awaits on the Fruhlingfest grounds. This is a great place to start getting used to holding and hoisting those awesome liter mugs. Ein Mass Bitte! Also, Kim Schmidt enjoys a photo with our waiter along with some great pretzels.

Here was our group on the way to the “Wiesn” grounds to experience Fruhlingfest. The Meilanders, the Schmidts, the Rattles, and the Sommerfeldts anticipate some fun!

The fest grounds really reminds you of a local fair. Plenty of rides, food and fun can be found before or after your trip to the beer tent.

The photo above is the entrance to the famed Augustiner Festhalle tent. Come inside as we, along with around 5,000 other “festers”, enjoy great Augustiner beer, fun people and great music. 

Fortunately for us, we were able to reserve a table, which allowed the ten of us to not worry about finding a seat. The photo at the right was the table next to us, some great guys enjoying a bachelor party.

What can you say? Beer does create friends at Fruhlingfest! This is an experience one must not miss in their lifetime. Now you know that you have two times of the year to experience the beer tent experience - a chance in the spring and a chance in the fall. We can’t wait to experience it again - when is your first Munich adventure?